We Gifted To Metropolitan Municipality Of Mersin A Monument Tree

27.08.2019 -3 Agricultural Shura consultative meeting

We participated to the consultative meeting for the development of Turkish Agriculture at the Ministery of Agriculture and Forest

Presentation of our manager Canel Başer.

R&D Studies 2019-2021

We are working on a high technological project for dedicated damage of agricultural products.

R & D 2018-2020 (Motto: To let our farmer get rich ...)

Multiple trial preparations with the soil of different regions of our country.

R & D 2018-2020 (Motto: To let our farmer get rich ...)

A project that brings together different disciplines such as soil, mining and chemistry.

R & D 2018-2020 (Motto: To let our farmer get rich ...)

Systematic greenhouse works.

R & D 2018-2020 (Motto: To let our farmer get rich ...)

1st semester (On 30 November 2018)

R & D 2018-2020 (Motto: To let our farmer get rich ...)

2nd semester (On 30 December 2018)

R & D 2018-2020 (Motto: To let our farmer get rich ...)

2nd semester (On 30 December 2018)mn

R & D 2018-2020 (Motto: To let our farmer get rich ...)

3rd semester (On 20 February 2019)

R & D 2018-2020 (Motto: To let our farmer get rich ...)

3rd semester (On 20 February 2019)

We are looking for potential partners for HORIZON 2020

Link to the presentation.

We gifted to metropolitan municipality of Mersin a monument tree. - 2018

General view of our Rize mandarin tree that is approximately 80 years old and producing to 400-450 kilogram per year.

Monument tree, is our gift for International Citrus Congress 2020 in Mersin. – 2018

It was necessary to dismantle it with heavy machinery, because the biggest distmantling machine didn’t accomplish to dismantle it.

Progress of Monument Tree’s Dismantling – 2018

Metropolitan municipality’s heavy machinery was used for dismantling of tree.

The Dismantling of The Monument Tree – 2018

While being loaded, damaged roots of monument mandarin tree are carefully wrapped.

Live video shooting of distmantling of the monument tree. - 2018

Press release – Februry, 2018

Mayor of metropolitan municipality of Mersin Mr. Burhanettin Kocamaz made a speech in the re-planting ceromony of our mandarin tree.

Mersin University Food Science Society – 2017

Young people is our future..

Providing a good education for the youth is our duty.

With students of Mersin University – 2017

The stand opened by students of the Department of Food Engineering by our sponsorship

Pruning work in our company – 2017

In pruning season 2017, after a 3 years break, we made a machine pruning in our agricultural land as the only agricultural business using a pruning machine in Mersin.

Pruning works in our company – 2017

Machine pruning in a parcel of mandarin

Research&Development for King and Rize Mandarin

Our R&D studies are continuing about Rize, Okitsu and King Mandarin harvests of 2016

King Mandarin: Horizontal, double hole, double hole horizontal

Rize Mandarin: Horizontal, double hole, double hole horizontal

Eco-farm certificate – 2016

For all the products that we produce this year, we took GOOD AGRICULTURAL PRACTICE CERTIFICATE as every year.

Mersin Yellow – 2016

We registered our non-classically calibrated, sweet and nice flavored mandarin species grown in our agricultural business as a brand of Mersin city. In the following years, we will do our best to become a brand promoting the city of Mersin.

Mersin’s Yellow - 2016

Graphic design of the logo on jam bottles by using the pictures of mandarines produced in our company.

Full Size Mandarin Jam Production – 2016

We produced “full size mandarin jam” from our small Satsuma type mandarin with Good Agricultural Practice. The production that we registered with name of “Mersin’s Yellow” was liked by people who are mostly foreign citizens. Our R&D studies will continue about Mersin’s Green and next level of the project in Autumn 2016 and end of 2017.

TUBITAK Patent – 2014

The patent consisting of the first step of R&D studies for saving on Nitrogen, Phosporus, Potassium at a 20% rate and water saving between 20-67% in respect to soil species by using local minerals, is the result of Canel Baser’s material studies,during his doctoral education with contributions of two professors from the Department of Chemical Engineering in Istanbul Technical University and Department of Plant Nutrition in Sakarya University.

R&D 2009-2014

It is decided to make a research with local minerals for saving on water and fertilizer as the most important costs of our company. This project is anticipated to have two stages on Canel Baser’s leadership.

R&D 2009-2014

Each group of different colour barrels that are partly visible represented by simulated soil samples

R&D 2009 - 2014

Checking by sensors the measurement made by our R & D team with mineral samples..

R&D 2009 - 2014

Checking the seedling preintervention by a staff member from our R & D team

XVII. Virology Congress – 2007

Elite scientists coming from many countries of the World for the XVII. Virology Congress organized by Cukurova University having lunch in our company. An Example of tree examination in our agricultural business by Prof. Dr. Nüket Önelge, Dr. Orhan Bozan, Prof Dr. Serdar Satar (academics in Cukurova University) and professors coming from different countries.

XVII. Virology Congress – 2007

We hosted our guests with local dishes.

XVII. Virology Congress – 2007

Foreign academician guests staying at luxury hotels in Adana were happy to be hosted with our local dishes that we supported by visual products andpresentations.

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